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Translation FAQs

What is a translation service?

A translation service provides interpretation of spoken or written words from one language to another. This service can be provided during the course of a conversation or for the purpose of preparing documents and other manuscripts so that they are understood by those who speak different languages. The service may be provided automatically or can be handled by bilingual or multilingual individuals.

Which skills should a translator have?

A skilled translator should be fluent in two or more languages. A translator should also have the skills to understand nuances of various cultures in which interpreted languages are spoken, in addition to being able to read and write in those languages.

Machine translation vs. human translation: What is the best option?

There are key differences between machine and human translation services. While machine, or automated, translation services can translate large volumes of written or spoken words instantly, human translators require more time to understand the deeper meaning of one language while translating it into another. For that reason, machine translation solutions, while faster and typically less expensive, are not nearly as accurate as human translators.

How can one be sure that translations are culturally relevant?

Translating from one language to another not only involves understanding each word’s technical meaning but also requires a thorough understanding of the culture of each language. Because cultural nuances are best understood by individuals, a human translator is typically better suited to translations where cultural meaning, and its impact, is important.

Is proofreading included in translation services?

Proofreading is often a critical component of a translation service. Even when machine translations are used, human translators are often tasked with double-checking the automated translation to ensure the true meaning and the cultural implications are understood and communicated.

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